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Exceptional Custom Homes Featuring Elements of Timber Frame, Beams & Other Natural Details.

Bold Craftsmanship.
Notable Design.
Unprecedented Homes.



Timber Elements bring the relaxing warmth of natural wood right into your home. High ceilings of exposed heavy timber wood beams and trusses will be admired each time you arrive home. Timber porches and wooden exterior accents highlight the home’s distinctive appeal.

Distinctly Yours

We work with each customer to create a special place for them to call home. Each personalized and custom home design is a reflection of our client’s needs, wants and desires. It conveys their personality and lifestyle.

Naturally Low Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of exterior materials, textures and styles to achieve the natural look clients want with very little maintenance needed. A balance is struck between true wood components and composite materials to create a home that appears to have grown within the landscape it inhabits.

A Word from Southern Timbercraft

Meet Rob Clutter, Division Manager of Southern Timbercraft &  Veteran Leader in the Wood Home Industry.

In the Beginning…

The roots of Southern Timbercraft reach nearly four decades in the past with parent company Honest Abe Log Homes.

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