As you have been researching, you have probably found there are a number of wood species used in home with real wood accents. While many different woods create beautiful homes, Southern Timbercraft has our favorites – selected over time for a reason.

At Southern Timbercraft we believe the species of wood we use in manufacturing the wood elements of a home is important. You can expect stability and durability from our homes.

Eastern White Pine has proven to be the wood with the most favorable characteristics and has been used exclusively by our manufacturer in its 38-year history. It is used for posts, porch plates, porch rafters, railings and interior trim.

For our exposed heavy timber rafters, collar ties, wall-tie trusses, ceiling beams, girders and timber frame components, we use Douglas Fir.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about wood accents and components of other species, including hardwoods or exotic woods. We want to create the home you desire, and we can do that.