A Legacy

We’re born of a love of wood and excellence…

The Smith Family

The Smith Family

Owners, Southern Timbercraft

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Moss, Tennessee

Southern Timbercraft Continues the Legacy

Southern Timbercraft is a division of Honest Abe Log Homes, a family owned company with its manufacturing facility and national headquarters located in the community of Moss, Tennessee, on Tennessee’s northeastern Highland Rim near Dale Hollow Lake. Founded in 1979 by the late Doug Smith, an engineer who was the son of a rural sawmill operator, Honest Abe was born out of the love Doug and his wife, Janie, shared for log homes.


The couple built their own home in the ‘70s, and Janie still lives in the home they shared. Doug was a visionary who understood the importance of creating log structures that were at the same time beautiful and solidly manufactured.


He invested in processes for milling logs that would be stable and durable, understanding that the investment in a log home was a lifetime dream for most people. Assembling a team as dedicated as he was, Doug guided Honest Abe to become a leader in the log and timber frame industry.


Doug lost a very hard fought battle with cancer in 2011, but if you visit Moss, you will likely run into his daughter, April Smith Patterson, who along with her brother, Shane Smith, and their mother. Janie, became responsible for Honest Abe’s operation after their father’s death.


Following in Doug’s footsteps as well as forging new paths, April, Shane and Janie run a number of businesses, many of them wood-related, that employ several dozens of people and contribute to the local economy.


Across four decades Honest Abe has continuously updated design and manufacturing technology, but its dedication to excellence has remained steadfast. Many of our employees have been with the company for more than two decades – and some since the beginning nearly 40 years ago!


The company has designed and manufactured more than 7,000 buildings that have been shipped to destinations around the globe. We’ve determined through trial and error which wood species were the most stable and learned that kiln drying ensures that wood retains the integrity the homeowner expects.


Because of solid business practices, the company has weathered economic storms that damaged the housing industry. One of the ways we continue to demonstrate our financial stability is by maintaining an inventory of timbers onsite protected from the elements and ready for milling into a home upon order.


Southern Timbercraft customers can visit the manufacturing facility in Moss and see the timbers that will be used in their homes, tour the kilns where they will be dried and meet the professionals who will shape them, grade them and package them for shipment.


There’s a visceral commitment to creating a quality product for a fair price, to helping customers get what they are dreaming of if at all possible and to making the experience such that a homeowner would choose to use our company all over again.


Who are we? We are a strong company that believes in the importance of people – the people who make our homes and the people who live in them. We appreciate you taking time to get to know us a little better.