By Rob Clutter

Let’s face it – building a custom home is a daunting task. One that’s filled with some potentially scary roadblocks along that way.

We understand that and try very hard to smooth out as many of those bumps as possible.

If you’ve ever watched some of the programs on HGTV, they always show the angst created when things go wrong. Do they sometimes? Yes they do, but I assure you it’s not normally as bad as portrayed on “reality” TV!

So, is it worth it? That’s the question you need to answer for yourself. If you have always wanted to create home that is uniquely yours, that’s one of a kind, then YES, it’s worth it. You are not only creating a house, you are creating a legacy, something that will outlast you, and that’s pretty cool.

Here are the two big things I have seen where things can and will go sideways if you are not careful.

One, have a plan and stick with the plan. It’s important to spend an ample amount of time in the design phase. This is where everything gets down on paper. The blueprints become the roadmap everyone involved in the project will follow to completion. It’s critical that your plan is exactly like you want it to be, so don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during the design phase to make sure you understand each and every line and notation on the plans. Once construction begins, it’s very difficult – and expensive – to make changes!

Two, set a budget and stick with it! Once your plans are complete we can then begin to arrive at costs to build your dream home. There will be lots of questions for you to answer. I’m sure you will wants lights in your home, but what kind of lights will effect the budget. Getting off budget is a great source of stress for sure. Beware the “might as wells” if you picked out the $6 per square foot flooring in the beginning and change to the $12 type mid way because you “might as well,” your off budget and will have to try to make that up somewhere else.

At Southern TimberCraft we can help guide you along this path and have been doing so for years, our goal is always to make this adventure as fun as possible!

Is building your own home hard? YES. Is it worth is when your done and stand in your front yard and gaze at your custom creation? Absolutely!